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Mac the Monkey Little Performers – Dance

Suitable for children at Pre-School

These classes provide an all-round education in Dance, Drama and Music. In today's world all these performing arts areas are interlinked and we have found that when young children are exposed to structured classes at an early age their confidence flourishes and social and learning skills develop quickly providing a great start to their school life. Music and Singing is an important part of dance and performing, dance and movement skills are important in Drama and Drama helps children express their selves. Dance and Music is all about the enjoyment of expressing yourself! These classes enhance social, lingual, physical and rhythmical skills and with Mac's adventures each week stretch the imagination.

At Pre-School level we run 2 levels of class : 18mths – 3years which has Parent/guardian participation.

3–5 years which is parent/guardian free to allow the children to develop independently.

Our 3–5 years classes are eligible to take part in an annual recognised group Examinations in Performing Arts by Trinity College London (these are run through the AAPA registered centre and are subject to each centre's ability to offer them – please see your academy principal for further information).